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Only a few days and 2017 is already over. 

We rejoice forward to an exciting new year with you and wish each and every one a happy, peaceful and merry Christmas with your loved ones and of course a wonderful new 2018!

The whole VEBEL team would like to cordially  say on this occasion for the pleasant and nice working with you simply THANK YOU!

In the period from 22.12. 2017 to 02.01.2018 is our company closed.

We wish you a nice Advent.



from 1. december 2017 we are at a new address : Robotnícka 2, 03680 Martin, area of the company Poľnonákup


Hand pump for PVAc adhesives and color

Hand pump enable clean the tank with dispersion adhesives or emulsion paints to empty. It's about the dispersions with viscosity of about 3,000 mPas to about 20,000 mPas.


Adhesive feeder LUP 50

The adhesive feeder LUP 50 is a maintenance-free dispensing system for quick and clean refilling of adhesive bootle, for its operation only a compressed air supply is required. The adhesive feeder dispersion glues from cans or drums with a max be. Height of 500mm (special version 1000mm) and an intake of min. 35mm transferred. The promotion is triggered with a manual button and stopped. The conveyor speed is adjustable via a pressure reducer.

Adhesive dispenser DD

Dispersions directly from the packaging to coating gun

 No annoying decanting of the glue

 Accurate dosing

 Easy to use

 Flexible deployment options

 variable order forms

For the operation requires compressed air.

1k-PU Stands

The Stands are designed for manual application of cold 1K PU adhesive. The application area includes crawler orders of 1 to 6mm and trowel to strip orders of 150mm width. By system components, the device can be individually put together according to requirements and task (modules are listed on the back). About a maintenance manual gun the job that triggered directly on the handle of the gun takes place
will. To clean the spray gun, the state apparatus has a purification tank in which the gun can be stored after use.

Business  Exhibition - open days

paralel with too UInetrantionalle WOOD-TEC Fair in Brno in the appointment 22 - 25.10 2013, we organize the exhibition company focused on adhesives, their properties, applications of adhesives, trends, etc.
With the participation of producers technician is at 9 clock and be held 14 clock presentation / training and professional advice.
During the exhibition, the extension of opening times from 7.00 bis 17.30 clock.
(We are just 5 km from the Brno Exhibition. Visit the WOOD-TEC fair can be combined with a visit to our company.

Swift-Seal 4400

One-component reactive sealant, packaged in tubes. 

Swift-col 4027

Adhesive for the upholstered furniture industry based synthetic rubber.


Special PUR hot melt adhesive with high initial strength parallel to the international fair WOOD-TEC underway in our society from 22.10 to 25.10. Open days.


RAKOLL ECO 3 HVhighly viscous dispersion adhesive water repellency D-3


We offer high quality products and service. We look forward to your call. We work for you!